100% Natural

Ferrina is 100% natural

As you know, many "natural iron supplements" claim to be from natural production, while their composition usually consists of iron salts such as ferrous sulfate or ferrous gluconate.



Produced in the highlands of Ecuador, Ferrina has a production system unique in the world, it is environmentally friendly (certified Ecocert), allowing full protection of all components, and a lack of microbes and pollutants (heavy metals).


Respect on quality at all stages of production

The spiruline is grown in alkaline water and mineral basins.

The quality of the water, air and nutrients will play an important role for producing a good Spirulina. The Biorigin farm has developed an unique technology: the basins have sloping panels which alone guarantee permanent movements of the culture medium and the mastery of bacteriological culture conditions.



 The drying is very important as well for producing a good Spirulina. Most manufacturers use the "spray-dry" system to dry spirulina. This method consists in liquefying the Spirulina cells by breaking them to form a liquid which can then be sprayed into a conical chamber against a stream of air at high temperature (> 190 ° C).

This process is doubly harmful to the nutritional qualities of the product: The liquefaction of the spirulina powder breaks the cell membrane and exposes the contents of the product to accelerated oxidation, which degrades the active components. The high temperature drying contributes to further increase the degradation of the active components.

The manufacturing method of Ferrina, whith a convective low temperature air flow drying guarantees that the spirulina is neither atomized nor dried to extreme temperatures. All the natural qualities of the product are preserved.



The spirulina remains intact at the end of the manufacturing process

which preserves all the active components witout losses or degradation

Ferrina has no preservatives or colorants