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The spirulina contained in Ferrina is cultivated at the Biorigin Farm in Ecuador, a subsidiary of Biorgin SA, a swiss based company.

Cultivated in the Ecuador’s highlands, the Biorigin Farm has a world unique production system, environmentally friendly (Ecocert certified), allowing a full protection of all its constituents.

The first spirulina cultivation trials began in 1995. After testing and perfectionning some production models in pilot basins for one year, a large scale exploitation site was created in the area of Cayambe at an altitude 2500 meter above sea level on a site enjoying exceptional sunshine conditions for growing spirulina.

The especially interesting minerals contained in spirulina are iron, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. Spirulina is an important source of iron (20 times higher than wheat germ). Iron is a mineral found mainly in animal foods such as meat, offal and fish). It is of great interest to vegetarians, athletes, pregnant women and adolescent in growth phase. The iron availability in Spirulina has been demonstrated.


Tablette comprimés vrac 226x142px-72 dpi.jpgSpirulina allows a significant reduction of the risk of deprivation and deficiency of essential micronutrients and shows no indication-cons. This seaweed has repeatedly demonstrated its therapeutic virtues.

This safe natural supplement without danger is optimal for people potentially deficient in iron such as: women with strong menstruation, pregnant and breathing women, children and teenagers, vegetarians, athletes and the elderly.

The iron which constitues Ferrina is highly absorbable and does not cause any side effets.
Unlike other iron supplements, Ferrina has an ideal formulation, presented in laminated shelf, odorless, easy to carry and without oxidation. Ferrina is unique in its quality and bioavailability.