Our daily needs 

Recommended daily needs

Infant 0.5 to 1 mg / day 
Child 7 to 10 mg / day 
Teenager 15 mg / day 
Female 16-20 mg / day 
Male 10 mg / day 
Pregnant woman from 20 to 22 mg / day 
Sportsman 30 mg / day
Comprimé-complément alimentaire.jpgFerrina provides the organisms with 12 mg of iron with only one single tablet per day, covering 85% of the recommended daily intake, supplementing efficiently the iron absorbed by the food.



Age, pregnancy, intense sport activities, a stressful event are many demanding periods in live which sollicit our organisms. Requirements for vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are thus more important and essential during these periods for our well-being and maintenance of our health. 

Food must be adapted to meet the changing needs of our organisms. But food is often inadequate, which causes many problems including fatigue which is the most common.




Iron deficiency is the cause of many mental and physical fatigue. Women are particularly affected by these changes in iron needs, specifically during pregnancy. A pregnant woman should indeed both meet her own needs while ensuring the proper development of her future baby.


Other people also have increased iron needs. This is the case for athletes, children, teens, seniors and vegetarians. Hair and brittle nails, persistent intellectual and physical fatigue, increased sensitivity to cold, are all indicators of possible iron deficiency which must be compensated by food complementation and food rebalancing.

It is advisable to take iron supplements because our body loses iron every day through feces, sweat and for women; menstruation. When there is a loss of 10 ml of blood, there is at the same time a loss of 5 mg of iron.

Iron is contained in almost any foods, but only in small quantities and is generally poorly absorbed by the body.

Approximately 20% of the world's population is iron deficient. 

Spirulina is designed for those who wish to contribute to their body balance and improve their diet, incorporating an element of high biological and nutritional value.